Friday, October 12, 2007

MAX 2007 - Using ColdFusion with LCDS session materials

For those of you who attended MAX 2007, a PDF version of my slides and (more importantly) a ZIP file with my demo files are now available on the Adobe MAX 2007 web site here: You may need to login to to the MAX web site get to this page.

To find this info without going to it directly, you log in to the MAX 2007 web site ( and on the screen with your registration details click on the "Presentation Library" link on the left hand navigation panel.

If you unzip the demo files in to your ColdFusion web root, you will get two directories, 'messaging' and 'samples', each with a README.txt file that explains how to set up CF for each application (create gateways, data sources, etc).
Included are:
  • A simple chat messaging application along with a CFML template that can publish a message through the Messaging event gateway.
  • The classic "Contact" Data Management application - MXML and Assembler CFCs
  • Some templates that demonstrate the new CF8 ability to notify LCDS through an event gateway when managed data has changed outside of the Flex/LCDS world.
  • The more complex CRM Data Management application, include a better conflict resolution handler
Lots of good stuff here.

You will need to have ColdFusion 8 installed (Developer Edition is free!) with the integrated LCDS installation option. The database used for the Data Management applications is MS Access. Sorry to Mac and Unix users , but these are my Windows laptop demo files.


Devin said...

so is this information only available to max attendees?

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