Friday, January 21, 2011

This space is not intentionally left blank.

The "Internet is written in ink".  This is one of the great lines in "The Social Network", a movie I highly recommend.  As someone said at the Golden Globes, Arron Sorkin made people typing at computers look exciting.  In the spirit of that, I realize that going months between posting on a blog is a sure fire way to ensure no one will read your blog when you DO have something to say, and that the Tom Jordahl "internet brand" will not be maintained at its high level.  :-)

My excuse this time, as it has been before, is I have been heads down making the software.  This time the next major release of LiveCycle Data Services, what we will probably call version 4.5.  Why 4.5 when the last version was 3.1?  Well, because we like confusing folks but mostly because we want to align our version number with Flex in the same way that we align the BlazeDS version numbers already.  So before we had Flex 4/BlazeDS 4.0/ LCDS 3.1.  Some time this year all the numbers will be the same.  So that will be less confusing we hope.

We have some good stuff coming this year, we will continue to build on the Fiber Data Model development paradigm which makes is super simple and fast to define your data model and deploy it to LCDS to get Data Management functionality using Hibernate/JPA persistence without writing any code.  We are expanding the Java and ActionScript code we generate from the data model to give you more control and customization abilities in your applications.  We are expanding the client options to include Java, HTML5 and various mobile platforms.  We have some amazing integration with SAP services.  And I have been working on some real nice enhancements to Flash Remoting to make it simpler to develop applications that use the various features of Data Management without having to change from the RPC-style of thinking.

I hope to be able to post more about these great new features in 2011.