Saturday, August 28, 2004

Jim says this is cool

Tales of futures past is a site that my friend Jim from Portland (OR) says is really super neat. I can't actually browse it because my mothers increadibly slow dialup (46.6K) makes browsing image heavy web site too much to bear.

Back to work on Monday (after a 8 hour coast to coast and a hour drive from Providence, RI) and back to high speed and my CloudMark spam filter...

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Tim Ewald: Messages are the model

Tim Ewald has a very interesting piece about his wish to use Relax NG instead of XML Schema. Tim has an interesting point of view and was one of the first people to clearly explain to me why rpc/encoded was bad and document/literal is good. My first reaction to this was that he has gone off the deep end (again), but as usual he has me thinking. A particularly telling point: "We can do a lot better than RPC. If we don't, then what was the point?"