Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Mike Nimer takes his licks

Mike Nimer takes his lumps like a man over on his Blog. I would hate to have a whole magazine devoted to some of the CF 3.1 C++ code I wrote!

Compiling Custom Event Gateways For Dummies

This is old news in the blogsphere (and you probably read about it on Sean Corfields blog ages ago) but Rick Root has a very useful article on Compiling Custom Event Gateways from a non-Java developers point of view.

Speaking at cf.Objective() - March 11 & 12, 2006, Minneapolis, MN

I have just booked my travel and wanted to post the fact that I will be presenting at
cf.Objective() - March 11 & 12, 2006 in Minneapolis, MN. I believe I will be doing a general session giving a preview of Mystic, the latest update to ColdFusion MX 7 now in Beta that will give CF developers some really great stuff to take advantage of Flex 2.

I am stepping in for Tim Buntel, who has (sadly) left Adobe to move on to other opportunities.

I have also agreed to whip up a session on Web Services and Java. I will go in to some detail on how CFMX uses the Apache Axis WSDL2Java tool to create code to consume Web Services and hopefully give people insight on how to construct CFML data structures that can be used as argument to services that require complex types as inputs.

So check out the conference detail on the web site. The list of speakers and session topics look really good and this event is sure to be great for hard core CFML developers.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Adobe releases Flex 2.0 Beta 1 on Adobe labs

Flex 2.0 released a public Beta on Adobe Labs yesteraday. In addition to refreshing Flex Builder 2.0 and the Flex framework, this Beta also includes the Flex Enterprise Services (FES), which is the service piece of Flex 2.

Along with this is the "ColdFusion/Flex Connectivity" beta, which includes two interesting pieces for ColdFusion developers

1. The Flash Remoting Update. This is an update to the Alpha released last year (formerly called "the CF Adapter") that allows you to use the new Flash Remoting functionality with Flex Builder 2.0 and CFMX. The sweet thing here is that you can map CFC objects on the server to ActionScript objects on the client seemlessly. These are called "Value Objects".

2. The Flex Messaging Gateway. This is the piece that I wrote that uses the Flex 2.0 Messaging system to allow ColdFusion MX 7 to Publish/Subscribe messages to/from a flex application. I think this is pretty cool - you can use SendGatewayMessage() to send a message that multiple Flex clients will receive. And vise-versa.

Anyway, check it out up on Labs and let me know whay you think!