Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Empire Strikes Back better than Start Wars?

At least one web critic agrees with me that Empire (his #28) exceeds the original Start Wars (his #51). From James Berardinelli's All-Time Top 100.

"There are many times when the sequel to a beloved movie fails to live up to the hype. Such was not the case with 1980's The Empire Strikes Back, which didn't just equal the excitement and derring-do of its predecessor, Star Wars, but exceeded it. Regarded by some as the best sequel of all-time, ..."

Can I supersize that?

Good news for my new TiVo Series 2:
"Your drive has been shipped via UPS. Your tracking number is [deleted]"

Sched. Delivery: Sep 17, 2003
Shipped to: ARLINGTON, MA, US
Service Type: 2ND DAY AIR

Background: My upgraded Phillips 30 Hour TiVo, upgraded to 135 hrs with a 2nd 80 Gig Maxtor drive) started giving me all kinds of trouble and I believe it was the 80 Gig drive that was failing. I filled out the form at the Maxtor web site and got an RMA number. They got the drive on Friday and sent my new drive out Monday. Lesson: always get a drive with at least a 3yr warranty.


Blogger seems to be changing their product lineup, so I think I am stuck in limbo until they get it worked out. I have a message in to their technical support people, so we shall see what happens.

Monday, September 15, 2003

No RSS Feed?

Unfortunately Blogger doesn't seem to offer an RSS feed, which makes a blog sorta not useful. But now it seems that Blogger Pro features are included for free. Does this mean I will get an RSS feed? We shall soon see.