Monday, August 15, 2011

The Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform (formerly LiveCycle ES) now available

The Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform trial is now available on the ADEP Developer Center:
What is ADEP you may ask?  Well, its a whole bunch of things.  The part that I work on (and you are probably interested in) is "Experience Services".  This is a whole new architecture based on OSGi that provides a slew of services and solutions for the RIA developer.  Deep at the heart of the "Experience Server" is Data Services.  In particular, ADEP contains Data Services 4.5.  We have plans to release a J2EE version of what will now be named something like "Digital Enterprise Platform - Data Services for JEE" toward the end of this year (2011).  The J2EE (does anyone feel strange leaving out the "2"?  I can't do it!) version will have a slew of new features (i.e. the 4.5 feature set), including support for multiple clients (Java, iOS, HTML5/JS, Android), Managed Remoting, Spring support and a slew of Model Driven development enhancements.
To get the whole explanation, you can attend my Adobe MAX session: Discover What's new in ADEP Experience Services - Data Services.
If you have any questions or comments about the trial, head over to the new dedicated ADEP forum space here: