Friday, September 21, 2007

Missing syndication URL

I was just checking out my FeedBurner statistics (97 readers - woo hoo!) when I noticed that I didn't have any URL on my blog page pointing to the feed!

I guess I am impressed that you all have been able to subscribe to my blog at all. :-)

Anyway, I added the link to the left panel list of links, and pointed it to my FeedBurner "SmartFeed", which just figures out which format (RSS or Atom) you need somehow. I am impressed with how nicely FeedBurner works and how much you get for free!

I heart FeedBurner

I am impressed with the number of tweaks that Blogger has added since the last time I looked to seriously change something on my Blog page. The interface used to be pretty primitive, with the raw HTML being the best way to get something on the page. Now they have lots of UI that makes it trivial to add content and format the page - and they still give you access to the HTML!

1 comment:

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