Friday, November 20, 2009

LCDS 3.0 has hit the streets

LiveCycle Data Services ES2 version 3 is now available.

Download the free developer edition.

LiveCycle Data Services documentation is available online:

* Using LiveCycle Data Services HTML | PDF
* Application Modeling Technology Reference HTML | PDF
* ActionScript Language Reference HTML
* Installing LiveCycle Data Services HTML
* Javadoc HTML
* Release Notes HTML
* Quick Starts HTML


Sam Farmer said...

Congrats to you and the team!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for this awesome release! Many of us have been waiting a long time for it!

A few questions (I would normally direct these to the forums, but Adobe closed their online forums for LCDS, and replaced it with a broken link) :

- Did LCDS3 end up being compatible with CF9?
- If not, where can we download 2.6. All of the download links were removed from Adobe's site...
- Has the marketing / production team come up with a low-cost solution for LCDS? The single-CPU edtion was perfect, and even the 100-connection version was affordable, but they are listed as being discontinued. Is there available (other than BlazeDS) to take their place?

Thanks, and great work!

Leon Miller-Out, CTO said...

Tom, sorry for the unrelated comment here. We at Singlebrook are having a crazy intermittent problem with a CF7-based web service and I was wondering if there's any way to ask your thoughts on it. I couldn't find your email address so I'm resorting to pleading on your blog!