Wednesday, August 06, 2008

New Java AMF Client feature in BlazeDS

You may not have noticed, (what, you aren't subscribed to the BlazeDS commits forum?) but a few weeks ago Mete committed an enhancement that adds a Java AMF client API to the flex-messaging-core.jar file in BlazeDS.

You can find a specification posted here and its linked from the Developer Documentation page.

What does this do? Well, you can use this API to call (from Java) Flash Remoting end points in BlazeDS, LiveCycle Data Services, ColdFusion, PHP or whatever you have that supports AMF. Which of course is a published specification.

This feature is available in any nightly build after or in the trunk nightly build. Find those builds on the BlazeDS build download page.


John C. Bland II said...

So Tom, is this an alternative to web services, etc for your Java app/site? Meaning, instead of your Java app using WS to hit CF you could go directly to it via BlazeDS?

If so, that's hot!

Tom said...

@John Yes, you could certainly use this instead of Web Services. It should perform better in the same way Remoting performs better than web services in Flex applications.

John C. Bland II said...

NICE Tom! I don't use Java beyond Flex but that's good to know.

magomarcelo said...

nice also for integration testing, I hope this to be available as a separate jar on some maven repo

Tom said...

There are no plans to move this out of the flex-messaging-core.jar file. Since this jar file can be used standalone for the AMFConnection functionality, there isn't any need to create a new jar.

LuizRolim said...

is there anyway to call a service which is secured by spring-security?

i´d need a session for this.


David Lance said...

Has anyone figured out a solution to the lack of authentication in JavaAMF?