Friday, May 09, 2008

New blog on FlexBuilder 4 features

Scott Evans, a lead engineer on the FlexBulder team, has started a new blog - Getting and Setting that will be for public discussion of new FlexBuilder 4 IDE features. I am really excited by some of the "IDE Maturity" features that I've seen on the drawing boards for the next FlexBuilder. As an avid InteilliJ IDEA user for my Java development, my tumultuous affair with builder has been a tough ride. I am drooling over most of the improvements that I see coming.

He starts out with his lead post asking about how you use Actionscript "getters" and "setters". Do you use a special prefix for your class member variables? Do you create functions as a matter of course? Or only when you actually need them? Post a comment and let Scott know.

I also encourage you to check out Tim Buntel's $100 test posting asking for feedback on what feature you think are worth investing our resources in. He has recently posted an update on the results, which, I pointed out to Scott, valued the getter/setter generation very high on the list. Of course improving the MXML compiler speed was at the top of many folks lists.

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