Thursday, April 10, 2008

LiveCycle Data Services 2.6 Public Beta

We are close to releasing LiveCycle Data Services version 2.6, which is the technology that allows you to do some really cool stuff with Flex 3 data driven applications. This release is based on the BlazeDS 3.0 open source technology, which includes RPC and Messaging technologies for Flex, but in addition gives you better scalability by including RTMP based channels, a new scalable HTTP based channel technology and some very powerful abilities to manage datasets, including automatic synchronization of changes, conflict detection, paging and support for Flex and AIR offline data caching.

In preparation for the final release, we released a public beta (we call it beta 2) on Adobe Labs last night.

Check out details at


John C. Bland II said...

Tom, I'm digging the offline sync with 2.6. That's a great update you guys made.

I'm toying with it right now and hitting some bugs (based on incorrect code in the new dev guide) but between IM's, etc I'm just about setup and rocking online/offline without worrying about manually handling it. :-)

Kudos LCDS team! :-)

BTW, where do I post updates to the dev guide pdf or bugs I may find? (besides my blog)

Tom said...

Hi John,

You should be able to report bugs and discussion problem on the Labs forums for LCDS 2.6:

John C. Bland II said...

Thanks Tom.

Here's my overly excited post about 2.6 Beta 2. :-)

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