Monday, February 25, 2008

BlazeDS and Flex 3/AIR 1.0 out today!

Today Adobe shipped Flex 3 and Air 1.0 along with releasing the open source BlazeDS technology. These are some amazing and world changing things that just hit the streets.

I'll let others talk about how revolutionary AIR is and how great Flex 3 is going to be. The BlazeDS open source project is what I am excited about (and not only because I work on the BlazeDS/LiveCycle Data Services team).

In a nutshell, two of the three important technologies included in LCDS 2.5.1 have been released a) for free (as in beer) and b) as open source. This means that you can use Remoting (aka Flash Remoting) and Flex Messaging in your Flex applications, backed by Java or ColdFusion, without any licensing whatsoever. You can file bugs on the technology in the public JIRA bug tracking system. You can even check out the source and see what makes it work (or debug a problem when it doesn't).

Anyway, the team is very excited about BlazeDS and the whole company is pumped for AIR 1.0. Check them out!

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