Monday, January 07, 2008

Take a quick ColdFusion IDE Survey

The ColdFusion development team is running a survey to try and collect information about how you develop CFML code and what tools you use. Specifically, what features you look for and use in a IDE. Your chance to give your input can be found here.

Having a ColdFusion specific IDE is something that certainly the server team has wanted for a while ("Bring back ColdFusion Studio!") but for various reasons (*cough* Dreamweaver *cough*) we were unable to get. Remember also that the CF team are Java/server developers, which aren't the right people to develop an IDE tool for the desktop. This may explain why we haven't written one ourselves yet. :-)


figital said...

I find myself using the free version of Aptana more and more now that they've made the (S)FTP plugin work more like it does in Homesite.

I'd like to be able to extend and script my IDE using the most open and widely used environments like Javascript, HTML, CSS, and XML. (ala Firefox extensions)

figital said...

Do you think it's possible yet to build a CFIDE with extjs, CF8, and AIR (and maybe HTTPS)? You might get more community help than if it was done in Delphi or Eclipse.

I don't think I've seen a good enough text editing component yet though.