Friday, March 30, 2007

CFUnited is coming up

I wanted to take a break from working on Scorpio, the next major ColdFusion release, to plug CFUnited. Here are the top 5 reasons to attend:
  1. I am speaking. See my weirdly scaled face here. I am giving a talk on how ColdFusion Scorpio will integrate with the latest release of Flex Data Services. It will contain some of the material that I covered at MAX last year, but I think many of those attendees will want to hear it all again now that they have had a chance to try CFMX 7.0.2 and FDS 2.01 together. You have tried it out, right?
  2. CFUnied is the ColdFusion conference. I don't mean to slight the others, I love them too. (In fact I am trying to wrangle my way over to cf.Objective in May because I spoke there last year and had a great time.) But CFUnited is where we (the CF Team) have decided to show up in force. While we love MAX, it isn't the Allaire DevCon any more. CFUnited comes close for me.
  3. Scorpio. Can't really say much about this, but I'll bet that there will be lots of stuff for us Adobe types to talk about. :-)
  4. Its Fun. I don't think I paid for a drink or a meal last year. That is a good thing!
  5. You will learn a lot. The speakers lined up are always top notch and I consider it part of my job description to attend as many sessions as possible. I always learn something new, even if it another crazy way that CF users have taken something we've done and used it in a way we didn't expect at all. Also, did I mention I am speaking?
In any case, anyone who uses ColdFusion should try to attend if they can.


Jared Rypka-Hauer said...

Hey Tom, sorry you missed us, it would have been great to see you again.

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