Friday, July 07, 2006

ColdFusion 7.0.2 (Mystic) Released

ColdFusion 7.0.2 has been released (I am late, we announced it at CFUnited on June 28, 2006).

Find the release notes here:

While there is a link in the release notes, I wanted to explicitly spread the word on where to find the documentation for the new Flex 2 integration features we have added. The new chapters can be found at

In addition there is a ton of new content in the Adobe Developers Center.

Lots of great content - Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Tom, are there plans to include in the docs info about lazy loading?

João Fernandes

Tom said...

I assume you mean will the ColdFusion documentation talk about the Flex lazy loading feature. We expect that the Flex documentation covers that, so we do not have plans to include this in the CF docs.

Harry Klein said...

Tom, I am afraid that the verity installer (at least in the multiserver installation) is buggy:

The search service is not installed an registered coorectly.
I found this entry in the search service log after several installations:

Execute Command: $USER_INSTALL_DIR$$/$verity-install.bat

verity-install.bat is not executed by the installer because $USER_INSTALL_DIR$ was not replaced!
If i execute this batch file manually the search service is registered.

Tom said...


The variable does not get replaced in the log file. You should check the verity-install.log files in the same directory as the bat file.

Our Testing team has not reported any problem with Verity and the multi-instance installation. If this is reproducable we would be very interested in getting details.

rob pilic said...

Tom, I'm getting some strange behavior in web services that return an array since upgrading from 7.0.09 to 7.0.2. If the return array is empty things work fine, otherwise I get a NullPointerException error. I noticed in a HOF thread you mentioned that the axis.jar file was modified for 7.0.2; I hope this is the cause and not my operator error :-)

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