Tuesday, October 04, 2005

ColdFusion cffile hotfix

We just released an updater for ColdFusion MX 7 last week and this week brings our first hotfix for it. :-)

If you use cffile action="upload" in any of your applications, you will want this hotfix which fixes a change in behavior that snuck out in the updater. Starting with ColdFusion MX, the documentation omitted the fact that you could specify a filename in the DESTINATION attribute when uploading a file. We fixed the code to match the docs, which was bad. This hotfix fixes that fix.


Anonymous said...

If you downloaded the file early, you might have gotten a broken version of the file. Make sure you have the file "hf70161212.jar" and not "hf61212_701.jar". The later would install, but would silently fail. It was up for a couple hours yesterday.

Tom said...

Thanks for the note.

Note that if you install a hotfix that isn't correct (wrong version number for instance) when ColdFusion starts up it will print a message to the console and the JRun log files (if you are running as a Windows service).

You can also see that the hotfix is installed in the System Information page in the ColdFusion Administrator.

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