Monday, September 19, 2005

ColdFusion MX 7: Replacement file for XMPP Gateway

ColdFusion MX 7 Event Gateways allow you to communicate with almost anything that you can hook Java up to. One of the best uses for it is with Instant Messaging systems. Now that Google is running a (soon to be?) major public IM network that is based on the XMPP standard (AOL, Yahoo and MSN are all proprietary), you can use the XMPP gateway included in CFMX 7 to connect your CFML code up.

First you should get the update to our XMPP protocol implementation from this
Macromedia - ColdFusion TechNote : ColdFusion MX 7: Replacement file for XMPP Gateway.

Then you should go on over to Ben Forta's blog and read this 3 part posting. Part 2 is here and part 3 is here.

What if you want to hook up to Yahoo, AIM or MSN? You can get the right software to do that from Zion Software, which sells a JBuddy-CF Plugin for ColdFusion MX 7.

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