Thursday, July 14, 2005

ColdFusion Turns 10!

So we celebrated ColdFusion's 10th birthday yesterday here at the Newton office and around the world at 20 or so user group celebrations. It is hard to believe that I have been involved with CF for 8+ or those 10 years. Well, I took a 18 months break to go work on JRun 4 and Apache Axis with Glen Daniels, but around here I am the 'old timer' as I am the only engineering team member still around from the early days (before CF 3.0). See the timeline right around when the Simpsons surpassed the FlintStones.

By the way, I think it is brilliant that the event that I call "The Great Space Removal" is listed on the timeline too (November 1998). Running through all the code and changing the name of the product from Cold Fusion to ColdFusion sure was fun!

It was great seeing JJ Allaire, Jeremy Allaire and a whole bunch of other guys (yes they were all guys) including Charles Teague (Allaire employee #1), Simeon Simeonov, and others. These were the people I had spent so much time working with, changing the face of the web.


Charles Teague said...

Crap- you found my blog. :)

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