Monday, April 04, 2005

Consuming complex Types with ColdFusion

Doug James and Larry Afrin have posted a great set of notes on how to use ColdFusion MX to consume Web Services that contain complex types as arguments to their operations. This is information that should have been in the documentation from the start, but Doug and Larry went the extra mile to pull it all together.

We plan on publishing this information as a tech note and I have passed it along to our documentation folks to incorporate in to future CF docs as well.


Anonymous said...

The link's broken guys. Please posta new one.

mojoenv said...

Hi Tom. Hope this comment is not too late! How do you instantiate the Java web service proxies from inside a CF 9 application? I want to consume a .NET service that has a complex response object requiring a complex request object also and thought the Java proxies might work better. Thanks for any guidance!

Tom said...

Its trivial to create Java objects in CF:

CreateObject("java", "com.example.MyStyub")

Check the CF docs for details.