Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Happy New Year!

Things have been pretty quiet on my blog for the past little while as I have been working like crazy to ship some 100% Grade A product. Things are winding down now and very shortly the bits will be frozen (no, really frozen!) and I will be off to the W3C WSDL working group meeting in Melbourne Australia. Here is praying that I will get that 60,000 mile business class upgrade I put in for, as Macromedia never pays for anything other than economy.

The holidays were great for me and the family, we went to visit my relatives who live in Portland, Oregon where I grew up. It is always nice to spend time with everyone out there. My kids especially get the royal treatment from their Aunts and Grandparents.

Here is hoping that 2005 is a healthy and happy one for you and yours.

1 comment:

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