Friday, August 29, 2003

About me

Hello and welcome to my blog. Here is some information about me, last updated April 16, 2008.

I work for Adobe (previously Macromedia) on the LiveCycle Data Services and BlazeDS team. I joined this team in late 2007. I had previously done a lot of integration work with ColdFusion and LCDS, including writing the Messaging and Data Management event gateways and the support for writing Data Management assemblers as ColdFusion Components.

My previous position was in the ColdFusion development group. I have a long history with ColdFusion. I was one of the original Allaire employees, hired on to complete the first ColdFusion edition on Solaris. I spent 5 years working on ColdFusion as the technical lead for the Unix products, bringing CF to HPUX and then Linux. I took a year off to work on web services and JRun, still the fastest, smallest, cheapest commercial J2EE server out there, although unfortunately Adobe no longer actively tries to sell it. I returned "home" to ColdFusion after the release of ColdFusion MX, a complete re-architecture of the product in Java for J2EE servers and spent my time working on "Redsky" a.k.a ColdFusion MX 6.1. That release went way faster that any previous release of CF and I worked on some of the hight profile features, including the HTTP and Mail support. I then was the Architect for ColdFusion MX 7, working on updating the search functionality, adding Event Gateways and various other features. After that I spent some time working on the 7.0.1 and 7.0.2 updates, including some great integration with Flex 2.0. The last major release I was involved with was the amazing ColdFusion 8 release. I had a hand in almost everything in this release

I am one of the original Apache Axis implementers and I still stay involved, although Adobe doesn't pay me to work on Axis full time any more. Axis has been a part of ColdFusion since ColdFusion MX (6.0) so creating and consuming web services in ColdFusion is as simple as writing a tag. I am a member of the Apache Web Service Project Management Committee (PMC) as well as being an Apache Software Foundation Member .

I have also done time in the World Wide Web consortium (W3C) working groups. In particular, I spent a long number of years working on the WSDL 2.0 specification in the Web Service Description group. I was also the Adobe representative on the WS-Policy working group, which completed its specification last year.

Before working at Allaire/Macromedia/Adobe, I worked for Gradient Technologies (now Entegrity Solutions) integrating the Web and DCE. Prior to Gradient, I worked for 5 years at the Open Software Foundation (OSF), now known as The Open Group. At the OSF I was a member of the DCE team working on the RPC (Remote Proceedure Call) and DTSS (time) services. You can download the entire DCE source code here. I was an original member of the OSF/1 development team working on commands and libraries. I started my career at Data General, where I was part of the DG/UX team.