Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Contribute CS4 does blogs

I recently had to re-image my laptop (note to self: make sure disk de-fragmentation software is known to work with exactly the version of disk encryption software you have installed on your system), so I had to re-install all of the software that I think I need to do my day-to-day. For me this includes development stuff like IntelliJ IDEA, Perforce, Eclipse, FlexBuilder, ColdFusion, TortoiseSVN, etc, etc.

Eventually I want to actually edit some HTML for some reason, so I need to get a copy of Dreamweaver.  Plus Homesite+ 'cause I am still old-school when I need to edit CFML.  I have a secret stash of Homesite+ (we haven't sold it as a product in quite a while), but I like to stay current on Dreamweaver cause they be adding in some good stuff that I'll probably never use, but I like to know that I have it.  So I went looking for the CS4 - Web Premium installer.

I found it and after installing the 4 Gigabytes worth of software, I had my Dreamweaver CS4 along with ~10 other programs that all look really neat and that I will never use in my day job of writing Java server code.  But again, its nice to know that I have it and hey there are some perks to working at Adobe, like being able to install $10,000 worth of software you probably wont use on your Adobe laptop (did I mention the disk encryption software?).

To make a long story longer, one of the included programs was Contribute CS4.  I love Contribute and in fact have written lots of ColdFusion specifications using it (now we write specs in a Wiki, which is the spawn of the devil, but I think that is the topic for another post).  By this point, it should come to no surprise to those who have read the title of this entry that I am typing this very blog post in Contribute.  And I must say it's really nice.  It integrated with Blogger quickly with just the entry of my user name and password.  The editor grabs the look and feel of my pages and does a real nice job of showing me how the final post will look.  There are IE and Firefox plug-ins that give me one button access to create a new post.  All-in-all it is a very nice interface and the Contribute team has done a great job with this release.

So I lied, maybe I will use some of the other software included in CS4.  Now if I could just figure out how to use Photoshop....

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